Do you currently have a Coach or Mentor helping you achieve the highest potential in your business goals?

If not, would you attempt to play a new sport, or a musical instrument, without proper training or coaching?

Why is it that we believe we need coaches and teachers for sports and music, but that we can find tremendous success in business by just “winging it?”

Seriously, I know several people that have started a business, or joined an opportunity, without giving any thought to the “how” of their progress toward their goals.

Today’s video gives you a few tips on what to look for when you are seeking a business coach or mentor.

You see, I’ve been working with the team at Elite Marketing Pro for a few months now, and I just returned from a weekend Coaching Mastermind with them.

This made me realize exactly how vital coaching is to success in business. I think this is even more true when you are in a home-based business, where you can often feel like you are out on an island all by yourself. Having coaches that will call you on your {nonsense}, and will also encourage your goals and desires — well, this makes all the difference.

I’m not going to list my three tips here – you’ve gotta watch the video for that.

However, I will tell you a secret… I want to share with you the greatest deal I know of right now.  You see, Elite Marketing Pro is home to the Attraction Marketing Formula.  When you buy this (very inexpensive – $97 value under $30 right now) course, you gain access to their Ignition Coaching Program for FREE – it’s included. That’s how much these guys want to help entrepreneurs succeed! Now, I’m not sure how long the Ignition Coaching Program will be included with your Attraction Marketing Formula purchase, but I know it’s live right now. You just get the Attraction Marketing Formula, and **BAM** you get access to Ignition Coaching. (Get it here: Attraction Marketing Formula)

Attraction Marketing Formula
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