Take Action – Internet Traffic Live, Part 2

Take Action

No matter how many webinars you attend, or courses you buy and study… Take Action For Success, and to Avoid Failure. It seems that some people hear this over and over, yet never take the necessary steps to move their business forward. Marketing yourself or your product online isn’t that complex, it’s really quite a […]

Think Like an Entrepreneur – Internet Traffic Live, Part 1

What happens when you get a dozen or so absolute rock stars of any industry in the same room with 125 eager students of the niche? Magic! That’s certainly what it felt like when I attended Internet Traffic Live 2 recently in San Diego. Entrepreneur Magic and Major Shifts in Mindset! I had to digest […]

Force Fear Into Action

Force Fear Into Action

What Is It You Fear The Most In Pursuing Your Dreams? What if you could turn that fear into action toward your goals? Last week I wrote about a topic that Mel Robbins (find her site HERE) covered during a speech to Women Entrepreneurs.  This particular topic was about Taking Action: The New 5-Second Rule […]

Put Me In, Coach!

Do you currently have a Coach or Mentor helping you achieve the highest potential in your business goals? If not, would you attempt to play a new sport, or a musical instrument, without proper training or coaching? Why is it that we believe we need coaches and teachers for sports and music, but that we […]