Marketing Success Triple Crown For More Sales

marketing success

Maybe you’ve heard the stories of success where someone starts a new “thing” and suddenly strikes Marketing Success with their business and sales?  Of course, the more likely truth is what appeared to be an overnight success story was actually months (or years) of struggle followed by some epiphany-like “Aha Moment” where someone turned around […]

Take Action – Internet Traffic Live, Part 2

Take Action

No matter how many webinars you attend, or courses you buy and study… Take Action For Success, and to Avoid Failure. It seems that some people hear this over and over, yet never take the necessary steps to move their business forward. Marketing yourself or your product online isn’t that complex, it’s really quite a […]

3 Tips For Better Public Speaking [Video]

Public Speaking

Want to improve your Public Speaking and WOW the crowd at your next meeting? “Of Course,” you may say, “but I don’t have time to join a public speaking group, so what can I do to shake my nerves and improve my skills?” I recently had the opportunity to jump on a training webinar with […]

Take Action: The New 5-Second Rule

When You Have an Idea or Inspiration – You Have FIVE Seconds to Act, or Risk Losing It Forever. That’s right, 5 short seconds to Take Action – that’s all. You see, times have changed since you and I were kids. I had the great pleasure of hearing Mel Robbins speak to a group of […]

Put Me In, Coach!

Do you currently have a Coach or Mentor helping you achieve the highest potential in your business goals? If not, would you attempt to play a new sport, or a musical instrument, without proper training or coaching? Why is it that we believe we need coaches and teachers for sports and music, but that we […]

Email Autoresponder – [Video] What Is It & Why Do I Need One?

Email Autoresponder

What Is An Email Autoresponder, And How Will It Help Your Business? This brief video will explain what an Email Autoresponder does & why you need one to market online – even if you are simply working on building a network marketing team. Utilizing an Email Autoresponder can save you a great deal of time, […]

Mardi Gras & Marketing

Mardi Gras & Marketing

Yes, you read that right!  Mardi Gras & Marketing… You see, successfully catching a lot of beads, and other trinkets, during Carnival Season, or on Mardi Gras Day is really a lot like Marketing.  Now, let me explain… “Throw Me Something, Mister!” This is the time-honored traditional phrase to shout at the top of your […]