Social Media Engagement: 5 {Easy} Tips To Increase Yours

Social Media Engagement

There are times during the year, and during certain sales and marketing cycles when each of us reflects on what we are doing, and how we can make it better.  This is true for every business or business person whose focus is in better serving their customers, or potential customers.  January is one of the…

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Network Marketing MLM: Why Our Company? [with Video]

Network Marketing MLM

What Are The Compelling Factors That Lead To Choosing The Right Company? Network Marketing MLM: Why Our Company? I recently shared a post and video about How to Pick the Right Network Marketing Business Opportunity for You – the Five Critical Categories to Research and Questions to Answer before making a decision or commitment. You…

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Why Network Marketing [Video]

Network Marketing

WHY Network Marketing is an excellent solution for those looking to improve their financial situation. I know how you feel – this cannot be this easy?!  I, too, was skeptical when I first was approached about a Network Marketing opportunity. I felt that is was maybe a scam or something that was somehow misrepresented. However,…

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Grow Your Network On Social Media [Video]

Grow Your Network

Grow Your Network on Social Media: Discover Three Ultra-Productive Strategies Just follow these steps, and you will begin seeing results in days, and developing an impact on your business in just 60-90 days. Discover Strategies to Grow Your Network That Involve: Following Others in Your Niche Subscribing to the RSS/Blog Feed of Leaders Subscribing to…

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Attraction Marketing Will Grow Your Business [with Video]

Attraction Marketing

Are You confused by How Attraction Marketing Can Help Grow Your Home-Based or Small business? Are you Frustrated by Slow Growth in your Home-Based or Small Business? Are you a member of the N-F-L (No Friends Left)?  Welcome to the Club! Not so long ago, I was mired in the muck of corporate sales and…

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8 Smart Morning Habits of Highly Productive People [Video]

Smart Morning Habits

Smart Morning Habits for Increased Productivity All Day Are you looking for information to help foster good habits for success and productivity?  It’s the beginning of a new year, and a lot of people are working to improve their habits – are you one of them? I came across this great article from Inc. Magazine, and…

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How to Pick the Right Network Marketing Business Opportunity For You

How To Pick The Right Network Marketing Business Opportunity For You

  How to Pick the Right Network Marketing Business Opportunity For You 1. How to Pick the Right Network Marketing Business Opportunity For You: Company Has the company been around at least 2 years? Is it publicly traded or privately held? If it is privately held, can you verify the financial stability of the company? If…

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