In today’s video, I discuss Five easy ways to Improve your Social Media Interaction.


I recently posted a video and article about Social Media Engagement – 5 Easy Tips to Increase Yours, and if you are doing these things, but still feel that you need more help getting people to interact with you, then these tips will definitely help you out.


  1. Use Videos for Better Social Media Interaction

    Keep it simple, 2-3 minutes seem to work best.  Share a couple of tips or things you have recently learned in a training or from a video that your watched (give credit if it’s proprietary information).  Social Media Interaction requires a catalyst.  Always include some type of Call to Action, either subscribing to your list, clicking on a link for more information, or just commenting and sharing the video.

  2. Social Media Interaction Will Occur More Frequently with Content That is Easy to Share

    Links to outside posts are great, but mix that up with videos and posts directly to the Social Media Platform as well.  This encourages interaction between you and the viewers, as well as between multiple viewers. It’s a great way to expand your network and exposure quickly.  In addition to the ease of interaction, many of the Social Media Platforms have algorithms in place that reward you for content posted directly instead of links to outside sources.

  3. Always Reply to Comments on Your Videos or Posts for Consistent Social Media Interaction

    Whether the comment is positive or negative, always find a positive way to reply.  Remember, when someone is looking for a solution to a problem, or for a way to help them achieve something they desire, it is about them, not you.  Keep the reply relevant, even if the comment isn’t.  Don’t fall prey to negative comments.  Just find something positive to reply with, and move on.  Some people will always see the glass half empty, fill it half-way for them, and spend your energy with those that you can help.

  4. Personality Posts and Videos for Engaging Social Media Interaction

    This includes selfies and “talking head” videos.  These really help make you “real” to your readers/viewers. The idea as you grow your business is to grow a legion of raving fans that want to learn from you.  These types of posts can really help you put your personality into the personal branding work you are doing.  You don’t want to seem untouchable or too far ahead of where they are, or where they hope to be soon.

  5. Social Media Interaction Should Encourage Interaction by others

    Often you can simply ask people to share and comment. Allow posts to your page if that works for you. Now, you have edit power, so if people are spamming their links all over your page, you can delete those.  (Don’t do this to others, either, it reveals a lack of training and professionalism.) Ideally what you want to encourage is a free exchange of ideas among fellow entrepreneurs, or those in whatever field you are targeting, so that the community develops organically.  When people feel that they are part of a community, they will come back to check out what is going on, and to participate in the discussions.

    In conclusion, the concept of Attraction Marketing does not come easy to everyone.  However, if you embrace the philosophy, you will fulfill your desires by helping others.  Always keep in mind to lead with value.  You will reap what you sow, and if you give value to the community, you will be rewarded in time.  Also, be willing to share what you learn along the way as part of this value. Building your marketing machine does take time, but you can also help yourself along the way.  I was very new to all things online not so long ago, and I still remember how much it meant to me to find mentors that were willing to share little tips and tricks that weren’t part of the “big” training courses, but could save you a ton of time on that ominous “Learning Curve.”

    Keep in the front of your mind to Always Be Relevant – to your target audience and to your subject matter.

    Do these things, and be yourself, and you will find those that will welcome your leadership to the next step on their journey.

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