What Are The Compelling Factors That Lead To Choosing The Right Company?

Network Marketing MLM: Why Our Company?

I recently shared a post and video about How to Pick the Right Network Marketing Business Opportunity for You – the Five Critical Categories to Research and Questions to Answer before making a decision or commitment.

You can watch it Here:

This post and video act as a follow-up to that one, with the 5 Categories addressed for the company I chose, and why these are important – at least to me.


1. Network Marketing MLM – Company:

Privately held or Publicly traded. How long has it been around? (A minimum of two years is recommended.) Our company is Publicly traded (not a lot of Network Marketing/MLM companes are). This gives you the knowledge and peace of mind that certain financial information has to be shared on a quarterly and annual basis. Our Company is traded on the NASDAQ.

2. Network Marketing MLM – Systems:

Your Company should have certain systems in place that you can use for (1) Education, and (2) Most Important- Success.  It is imperative that an easily-duplicated system is in place for your success, and to teach to those that sign up with you. It must be simple to understand and follow to ensure the success of those who enter the company, no matter their background.  Our company has teachers, nurses, corporate executives, oilfield workers, mechanics, firemen, retail salespeople, hairdressers, administrative assistants, and many more…many of these are now preceded with “former” as they have retired from those jobs in 2-4 years.  A system that produces the same successful results for everyone is an important factor – the motto “anyone can do this” must ring true, and systems are what make the duplication work.

3. Network Marketing MLM – Products and Trends:

Products must do what the company claims they will, and the national and/or global trends should be on your side. I chose a Health and Wellness company.  This category is growing exponentially with no slow-down in sight. As Boomers and Gen-X (me) continue to age, we are fighting tooth and nail to hold onto youth, and I found a company that helps you do that from the inside out.  Our patented flagship product actually makes your body more efficient at the cellular level.  It aids your body in ridding itself of free radicals and oxidative stress, which are tied to numerous diseases and conditions, most associated with aging.

4. Network Marketing MLM – Compensation:

There are a lot of compensation plans out there, and each has its merits. Network Marketing MLM plans have intimidating names for newcomers like Binary, Stair-Step Breakaway, Matrix, and Unilevel. The bottom line is that you need to be able to UNDERSTAND the system and how it works. Our company pays in Six Ways – Weekly and Monthly variations provide bonuses for enrolling, and royalties are paid based on sales volume. Your ability to earn deeper within your organization increases as you grow your team.

5. Network Marketing MLM – Timing:

This is really the one that is most important in my mind. You see, in Real Estate it’s Location, Location, Location. In Business it’s Timing – period.  In Network Marketing MLM, this is no different.  In fact, I would argue that it may be more relevant for Network Marketing MLM companies. If you could have been in the garage with a personal computer pioneer or social media system creator, would it have changed your life? Would you have recognized the opportunity?  Our company is poised to explode in the next few years, and I’m so thrilled that I found it when I did. While you can still build a team and make a future for yourself with the big companies that have been around for a long time, it fits more with my plan to join a company that is moving into rapid growth and momentum in the near future, and ride that wave with a motivated team.

Part of this process is personal timing.  You can have the perfect opportunity right in front of you, and if the timing is not right, or your mind is closed to the possibility of limitless success, then you may not recognize that opportunity.  I sincerely hope that you are able to see the best opportunity for you when it is presented, and that you have the courage to accept the challenge, and create your own future.

I’m going for it, and if you have the burning desire for limitless success, you are invited to come with me (link below).

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