Are You confused by How Attraction Marketing Can Help Grow Your Home-Based or Small business?

Are you Frustrated by Slow Growth in your Home-Based or Small Business?

Are you a member of the N-F-L (No Friends Left)?  Welcome to the Club!

Not so long ago, I was mired in the muck of corporate sales and marketing.  I had an excellent executive position with one of the top companies in my field.  However, I was no longer happy.  I knew there had to be MORE out there for me and my family.  I also knew that it was time to build something for myself, and take control of the future legacy I desired for my children.  I began researching network marketing and affiliate marketing, and found some excellent partners to build my business.  However, I was still unclear on the path to true success.  You see, these fields require a different skill set than traditional “Blocking and Tackling” of outside sales, which was my career-long background.  I did have a strong background in team-building, and I knew that the idea of building a team, along with a tribe of other entrepreneurs with similar interests and desires, was where I needed to focus my energy.

That’s when I re-discovered Attraction Marketing.  I had read the many books about Attraction Marketing in college, or thereafter at some point.  But, these ideas had gotten lost in sales reports, quotas and youth soccer games over time.  Let me tell you, it’s the real deal.

The principles of Attraction Marketing have been in existences since the Dawn of Man, or at least the Dawn of Philosophy.  These universal principles are included in many books, such as the The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and The Secret, (which was also made into a movie).  These principles are very basic, and not difficult to learn. It is an accepted belief by many of these ancient wisdom paths that what we receive in life is equal to what we give.  If you desire to receive bountifully, you should enter the community with the pure intention to give freely and openly.  Further, you should always approach your community with generous intentions of goodwill.  If you move forward with the intent to provide goodwill and value to others within your community, you will move in the right direction.

Om the topic of giving, people often think too little of their own abilities.  If you believe that you have nothing to offer, then stop for a moment, and do a quick personal audit.  What have you read, watched, or listened to recently that could be shared with others?  You can also share information from others – just make sure you give credit to the original author when re-posting or curating.  It is a also recommended to reference original work when you curate content.  Take a look at my post, 8 Smart Morning Habits Highly Productive People [Video].  I found an article that I thought my readers would enjoy and find helpful – productivity tips are popular topics among entrepreneurs.  A short audit may surprise you.  First, you likely know a lot more than you realize.  Second, you shouldn’t keep that to yourself!  Imagine the people out there that DIDN’T read that article or book, watch that video, or listen to that podcast.  This is exactly how Attraction Marketing works, and it makes the entire community stronger.  You help spread knowledge when you share what you’ve learned.  In the process, you spread goodwill and value among your community.

This video explains the basics of Attraction Marketing, including your desire to add value and goodwill to your community, and to help others along the way. This takes some mindset shifts for a lot of people. However, I’ve seen it in action!  When you begin to share information with others, without the expectation of any reciprocity, you will begin to see that people naturally want to give to you, or do business with you.  You will gain more followers, fans, and customers.

Attraction Marketing utilizes the principles of Know, Like, Trust…

People want to do business with you AFTER they Know who you are, Like what you stand for, and come to Trust your advice and recommendations.  This does not happen overnight, like flipping a switch.  However, if you commit to the principles, and dedicate your efforts toward Value and Goodwill to others in your community, you will begin to see some results in just a few months (maybe less).  Stick to the Attraction Marketing principles, and focus on eighty percent or more of your communication being value-based, with about twenty percent presenting offers to your community.  Additionally, these offers should always be products or courses with relevance and value to them, and not just to you.  It’s always, always, always about them.  Period.

Sounds Great in Principle, but Where Do You Get Started with Attraction Marketing?

It is true that many of us have stories of woe upon starting our path to being an entrepreneur, especially in the online marketing arena – thousands of dollars, and months, or sometimes years, spent chasing the wrong things.  That’s one of the main reasons I started my blog.  I want to help others save time and money, and find their path to success faster and more efficiently than I did.  That said, I do recommend that you find a product (educational), coach, and/or system that can help you with the steps to be successful quickly, without wasting a lot of time and money.  There are a number of great books, courses, and marketing programs out there.  You just have to find the one that fits your personality and budget best.

But, first, you need to have a full understanding of Attraction Marketing principles, and arm yourself with the proper tools to be successful.  There is an easy introductory ebook that can help you move quickly, with step-by-step directions on your Attraction Marketing journey, ensuring the greatest rates of success.

My personal coach and mentor, Ferny Ceballos, wrote the Attraction Marketing Formula, and used the techniques that it reveals to fire his boss before age 28!

In the Attraction Marketing Formula you will discover the way to grow your business using online tools and resources, without chasing your friends and family!

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  1. What a deeply insightful Post Penny, I enjoyed reading it and I hope you will keep dishing out such high quality content. If its okay Ama add you to our Blog Syndicate, If you like it you can become a contributor & of course benefit from knowing you are running with other UBBErs & leaders! ILT I love that concept. Thanks for Sharing.

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