May 6, 2015 4:36 pm

Penny Kelley

What happens when you get a dozen or so absolute rock stars of any industry in the same room with 125 eager students of the niche?


That’s certainly what it felt like when I attended Internet Traffic Live 2 recently in San Diego.

Entrepreneur Magic and Major Shifts in Mindset!

I had to digest the info for a few days before I could even share anything.

I studied the angles.  Did you want to hear about it in chronological order, like a blow-by-blow of a prize-fight? (If you are a boxing fan, sorry, sore subject!)  Or, would you rather hear about the big ideas, and those who delivered them?

Ultimately, I decided a three-part video series was a great way to sum it all up for you.  We start today with Part 1 – Think Like an Entrepreneur.

Today’s video focuses on four of the guests at the event:

  • Mark Hoverson
  • Justin Glover
  • Jeff Moore
  • John Lee Dumas

While the info today could have included more people, I really wanted to keep the videos under 10 minutes, so you can watch them without having to pause to do something else.

Keys: Futuristic You, Purpose & Passion, M-O-M, and F-O-C-U-S  (It will all make sense when you watch the video.)

Check back tomorrow for Taking Action – Internet Traffic Live, Part 2.

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Penny Kelley is a Professional Coach and Consultant specializing in Traffic and Lead Generation. She is passionate about helping marketers and entrepreneurs achieve ambitious goals and live their dreams. She is also a wife, mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat, wine lover and soccer fan. She intimately understands the importance of maximizing your productivity in your business and your life! How can Penny help you achieve your goals?

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