Maybe you’ve heard the stories of success where someone starts a new “thing” and suddenly strikes Marketing Success with their business and sales?  Of course, the more likely truth is what appeared to be an overnight success story was actually months (or years) of struggle followed by some epiphany-like “Aha Moment” where someone turned around their business, broke through that barrier and started hitting their goals!

Now the real question is –

Are you ready for that marketing success story to be yours?

Three years ago, I was!

After months to doing what I thought was the right things, I had very little in the way of results to show for it.

Then I got a little coaching from a seven-figure earner and learned I had been approaching things all backward.

That’s where the Triple Crown reference comes in.

In the U.S., the Triple Crown winner is a three-year-old Thoroughbred who wins each of three increasingly longer races over just five weeks in the spring.  It’s an incredible feat for the horses and their teams, and those Triple Crown winners are rare.

One of my favorite stories about the Triple Crown is the movie, Secretariat, the 1973 Triple Crown winner.

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Partly because Secretariat’s owner, Penny Chenery Tweedy, shares my name, and partly because it’s just a great story of perseverance and determination.

There’s also the fact that she was quite a trailblazer and glass ceiling breaker for her time!

She challenged the accepted norms and won!  The story of Penny and Secretariat is all about how champions are made!

Now – what about your Triple Crown for Marketing Success?

Well, there are three things you MUST have in place in your marketing BEFORE you start getting sales and sign-ups.  Those build your Marketing Success Triple Crown.

You may need to revisit them from time to time, but for the most part, they will remain intact as you grow your business because they simply become part of who you are.


Marketing Success Triple Crown #1: Who Is Your Audience?


When you can easily answer these questions with confidence, you are ready to move to the next step.  Until then, research, soul search and make sure you spend an appropriate amount of time on this – it’s important!

Marketing Success Triple Crown #2: What Do You Stand For?

This is another one you may need to spend a little time on.

Personally, I stand for things like:

Marketing Success Triple Crown #3: What Do You Stand Against?

If you thought the list of what you stand for was tough, this one may be even tougher!  The reality is that you have to draw that line in the sand and be willing to declare it.  There are things that you don’t want in your business, and there are people that you don’t want in your organization – and that’s okay!

Personally, I stand against things like:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely do believe in business opportunity and belong to a few.  I also have a network marketing business and am actively building a team.  Those are real businesses and they take work.  For the entrepreneur who is willing to do the work, the long-term payoff of residual income is AMAZING!

Those are real businesses and they take work for financial or marketing success.

For the entrepreneur who is willing to do the work, the long-term payoff of residual income is AMAZING!  The notion of a working sales funnel that keeps producing income for days, weeks, months and years to come isn’t far behind!

If you put a little work in and Run the Race to Achieve your Marketing Success Triple Crown, you will start to see how much EASIER it is to talk to people about how your solutions can help them.  Seriously – try it!  Sit down, and work out your Triple Crown list now – then apply it in how you post on social media, and in the conversations you have.  Let me know how it’s working for you!

If you are ready to start writing your success story – get my Free Online Recruiting Course.


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This post was inspired in part by an article found HERE.


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