Isn’t it great when you can see a new product or tool in action before you buy it?

I haven’t done much here in the way of reviews.

It occurred to me recently that some of the tools I use every day may be useful to you as well, so I will start sharing a bit more of that.

AEA Tools is one of the products I’ve been using a lot lately, so that’s what I will share with you today.

AEA stands for Affiliate Expert Academy Tools – and it is.  Expert tools for Affiliates.

AEA Tools – What is it and how can it help you?

AEA Tools is a one-stop program for marketers using either PPV or PPC advertising for their business.  While it is targeted to affiliate marketers, it has much further application.  The tools available here help you identify keywords, target URLs, and even build a banner ad or landing page.  Now, if some of this sounds like another language to you, don’t worry.  Just a year ago I had no idea what these things were!  The point is that this one site gives you all the tools of maybe 3 or 4 others – in one place.

AEA Tools – What does it do?

This product is a combination of several tools I had been using in multiple locations.  These tools will help you with Keyword Research, URL Scraping, Advertiser Research (competition), and Creative Design for your Ads or Landing Pages.  There are also tutorials with more info.  Watch my video below to see some of the tools in action, and how I simply take one broad keyword and use it to grow a list of targeted URLs.

Keywords – There are multiple Keyword Tools here, including Keyword Suggestions (search engine based), Keyword List Builder, both Organic Domain Keywords and Paid Domain Keywords, Keyword Intelligence and Phrase Matching.

Scrapers – Again you have multiple Scraper Tools, including Advertiser Scraper, Adwords Competition, Paid Search Scraper, Organic Competition Scraper, Referring Domains, Similar Websites, and Social Media Scrapers.

Other Tools – You can view Advertiser Display Ads and Landing Pages, view multiple types of Alexa Data, Modify and Trim Keywords, Modify and Shrink URLs and even scrape for Typo URLs.

Creatives – Now it gets fun!  You can build your own Display Ad, Pop-Up Ad or Landing Page right here on the tool.  There are even suggestions for what’s working right now for the community.

The team at AEA Tools is adding to this site regularly to make it more responsive and more valuable to the community of users.

Watch my demonstration here…

I’ve only been using the system for about a month, and I’ve already seen a substantial increases in my PPV conversions, based on better targeting, and expansion to less competitive URLs.

Here is a snapshot I took yesterday where you can clearly see that I’m literally getting leads for pocket-change!  In the image below, you can see a total of 45 leads generated for $83.37.  (I’m already in profit for these spends, too.)  By using this system to refine the URLs I’m targeting and dig deeper for more keywords, I’ve got a range below of my highest site: $2.58 per lead to my lowest: $0.21!  That’s right – twenty-one cents for a lead.  The most important fact cannot be seen here – each week my ROI gets a little better by using the tools in AEA Tools to tweak my campaigns.  That’s exactly why I’m using PPV (Pay Per View) more these days!  It just works.

Increased ROI with AEATools
45 Leads for $83.37 – Under $2 each (and it gets better each week). Learn How You Can Get Increased ROI with AEATools

Now, you may be thinking, “That’s great, Penny, but I don’t even know how to make PPV ads work for me!”  Well, lucky for you, the very course I used to learn PPV last winter is now available again.  It’s called Lead Thief, and it’s from my two friends, Ferny Ceballos and Matt Baran.  This course will teach you exactly how to make PPV work for your business.  You see, PPV isn’t as biased against affiliate and home business as some social platforms, so you can really communicate with your prospects in a way they understand, and with language they understand.  You don’t have to change your wording or be totally vague in your offers.

So, if you want to spend a little time learning a few new tricks, and have the tools to make them pay off faster than ever before, click the links below to learn more about AEA Tools and Lead  Thief 2.0.

Click the images below to learn more about these two products.

AEA Tools - Free TrialLead Thief 2.0

Penny Kelley is a mom, wife and marketer who loves the freedom of the home business lifestyle.

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