Do you ever find yourself listening to leaders train a group and talk about the right ways to do things, and wonder…

Why Attraction Marketing Works – For Virtually Everyone

Seriously, why?  Without fail, every network marketing leader will swear that attraction marketing works for both online and off-line business growth.  However, no one ever spends much time explaining why attraction marketing works.

Today, I want to address that with one very simple answer – VALUE.

Einstein said, “Try Not to Become a Man of Success, but Rather Try to Become a Man of Value.”

This is it in a nutshell – become a leader of value.  People join people, not opportunities.  If you become a leader, followers will find you.

Of course, it’s not completely that simple, but it is pretty close!

As leaders and trainers, we strive to always share what we learn with our teams so they can duplicate successful strategies and methods.  As we train others in the things we have learned, this sharing of value in our community will increase our personal value to the community.  This is what attracts others to us.  Those seeking to solve a problem just want to find someone who can help them solve that problem.  If you can help them solve a problem, and you can show them how to duplicate that in the future, you just got a new follower.  Boom!  Just like that.

So often, leaders and “gurus” get wound up in the philosophical parts of Attraction Marketing as in how it relates to the Law of Attraction (have you seen The Secret)?  That’s pretty cool stuff, I’ll admit, but you don’t have to be an expert at all thing related to the Law of Attraction to become a proficient Attraction Marketer.

This is Why Attraction Marketing Works – For almost everyone.  (Really – for everyone – I say “almost” because some people just won’t take action, and can’t seem to get results…wonder why?)

Check out today’s video on the topic with a little more info on this topic and some more examples.

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Penny Kelley is a professional business coach, wife, mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat, soccer fan and wine lover.

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