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Bonus #1: Time Creation Tool

This Tool is so simple you may laugh when you first see it.  However, if you use it for THREE weeks, you will see so much improvement to your efficiency.  Remember, you are only accountable to yourself, so be brutally honest about how you are spending your time.  See how much time you can move from inefficient activities to income producing activities.

Bonus #2(a): Daily Actions Planning

This Tool will help you “chunk down” your Daily Critical Actions to manageable small tasks.  Each Daily Task/Project is broken into “Key Elements,” and those are broken further into “Stepping Stones.”  This method will help you cut down on overwhelm that comes with large tasks, and that is so prevalent in internet marketing “newbies” – I was one of them.  This will help you see “where to start,” and put in motion each step to complete the task or project for that day.  REMINDER: when you are new, just assign ONE critical action for each day, especially if you are working your business part-time.  You can also include important tasks like calling prospects, if that is daunting to you, and you tend to avoid it.  Make this a tool that you use for personal accountability.  It will improve your efficiency and profitability.  (This is not for education or personal development – those should be on your Time Creation Tool.  Schedule them every day, but don’t cut Action Time for Development and Education Time.)

Bonus #2(b): Daily Actions Planning (Example)

This file shows you two examples of tasks or projects, and how the tool can help you “chunk them down” into manageable pieces.  Read carefully, you will find more training and tips in the notes here.  The two projects are: Create a Facebook PPC Ad, and Post An Article On My Blog…  Hope you find this helpful.

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