How Do You Use Online Video Marketing In Your Business?


Do you shoot a quick selfie and upload it on the run?

Do you painstakingly set up your camera and lighting, get just the right microphone, and spend hours editing to produce the perfect product?

The thing is…either is just fine for most of your customers – or potential customers.  The content is what really matters to them.

Can your video help them solve their problem or get what they desire?  That’s it.

Today’s post and video will talk about WHY video works so well to help you grow your business faster than nearly any other method you can choose.  This is especially true if you are on a budget.

If you aren’t yet using video blogs or online video marketing to promote your business, the you need to start NOW.  Here are the top 3 reasons why…

Basically, it comes back to the basics of marketing – your audience needs to get to Know you, Like you, and Trust you – at least at a basic level – before they want to do business with you.

You may ask, “How does online video marketing make this work faster?”

Well, that’s simple.  Once I tell you, you will probably go, “Oh, yeah!  That makes total sense.”

KNOW – If you have a YouTube Channel, a Blog or Video Blog, or share videos via social media (Facebook videos get their own post – watch for it), people are already getting to KNOW you.  Keep on sharing content with your fans and followers.  Online Video Marketing helps to accelerate the feeling that people “Know” you because they can actually see you!  Think about it.  If you were given the same exact information in a post with just text, and one with text and video (or even just video), which would be more compelling for you?  For most people, it’s the video versions – hands down.

LIKE – After your audience sees you several times, they begin to like you.  Smile when you are opening and closing the video.  Speak in a conversational tone more than a lecture.  Okay, lectures work for some topics, like real nuts-and-bolts how-to videos and things like that.  However, in general, the more conversational you can be, the better.

TIP: For the best online video marketing results, always speak to
one person that represents your target audience.
Think of it as having a conversation with a friend or neighbor, rather than a group.

TRUST – In time, your audience will come to trust you more.  Show them that you can help them with their pressing problem (losing weight, getting fit, meeting other singles, etc), and then deliver on what you promise.  Show them that they can trust you to deliver the goods.  This is the quickest way to get someone to become a lead.  This is also the quickest way to turn those leads into customers.   For some prospects, this process may take a few minutes, for others, it may take a few months!  Everyone is unique, and a lot the process depends on their readiness to accept the solution you are offering.  They may be an ideal candidate, but not yet ready to take the right steps, so you will have to wait for them to get ready.

Now, how do you use Online Video Marketing to build the Know, Like and  Trust into Leads and Customers?

#JobsTheFilm on Instagram
Major Motion Picture Studios are seeing the benefit of using short videos to promote their projects on Social Media.

Just start – how about now?

The more you share with your followers, the more likely you are to get noticed.

Here are a few tips to get your traffic count up quickly:

  1. SEO Video Marketing – You can use the right keywords in your video dialogue and in the written description or transcript to pull some SEO love your way.  Yoast has a great SEO Video Marketing Plug-In.  It isn’t free, but it’s worth the investment.
  2. Video Ads – Facebook is hot for video ads right now, and YouTube isn’t giving up any ground easily.  Video ads on both of these platforms work very well right now. 20 seconds to 2 minutes is a great sweet-spot on Facebook.  On YouTube, just over 30 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes of sizzle works well.  You can always have a call to action with a link to a longer video if there is more training you want to share.  You can make a difference in your business with as little as $5 per day!
  3. Social sharing – Make sure you set up accounts on several other social sites that are relevant to your business.  These are easy backlinks to your content, and will help get more eyes on your videos. Both OnlyWire and Hootsuite have WordPress plugins to share your Video Blog Posts across multiple social networks with a click.  I use OnlyWire, and really like it.

Online Video Marketing – How to Get Started…

While I was putting my thoughts together for this post, I came across a great post from Social Media Examiner.
Below are the 10 Hot Tools it shares.  You can read the full article HERE.

10 Hot Tools for Creating and Editing Short Video


As you can see, there are many ways you can use Online Video Marketing and Video Blogs to get more leads and customers for your business.

Ready to get started right now?  Just click below to get my best Video Script!  This short script will help you transform browsing viewers into red-hot leads for your business in the span of a short 2 or 3-minute video. Click on the image below to get the Free Video Script Formula now.

Online Video Marketing



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