Are you an Entrepreneur who is lost in the sea of advice and systems, just trying to find a way to generate leads for your Home Business or Small Business?

What Do You Do About Traffic and Lead Generation For Your Business?

We all need more people to grow our businesses, right?  So, what are you doing today to get traffic and leads for your business?

Last week I posted a series of three articles and videos about Internet Traffic Live. (Read them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.)  I’ve gotten some questions since then, so I thought the answer may help you with your traffic and lead generation.

Traffic Is Great, But We All Need To Generate Leads To Grow Our Businesses.

Here Are 3 Tips To Keep In Mind When sourcing Traffic and Lead Generation:

Pick one method in the beginning.

Whether you choose Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per View (PPV), Blogging, YouTube or Twitter, focus on one until you start getting some consistent results with it.  If you belong to a marketing system, or have marketing tools in your company’s back-office, then watch the training videos for your chosen method.  Each one works a bit differently in your strategy and approach.  You can also find tons of training online, check out my YouTube Channel for more videos on FB PPC, and other traffic strategies.  Caution: Don’t over-think this part.  Each method is effective in traffic and lead generation, so you should just pick the one you are most comfortable with, and get started.

Change Your Follow-Up For Cold Leads Versus Warm Leads.

Generally, Leads generated from cold traffic include PPC, PPV, Search Ads, and other methods where you are targeting people based on their interests who do not already know you.  Leads generate from warm traffic include a Blog (better if you control it), your YouTube Channel, your Facebook Business or Fan Page, and referrals from friends, family and extended circles.  When you started out, you just wanted to grow a team, and secure the future for your family.  Maybe you didn’t realize you would need to work at it.  I can guarantee you that if you put in the effort to build your business the right way, you will be rewarded.  Warm market referrals and leads already know you, and they may even like you.  However, cold leads need to be guided to learn what you have to offer, and how you can help them. As a rule of thumb, warmer leads are more expensive, while colder leads are less expensive, but require more work in the follow-up.

Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers.


Whether the leads came in through a cold or warm traffic source, you want to offer value and useful information to the leads before you ask them to buy anything or join your company.  Always lead with value.  The old adage of Know – Like – Trust is still very valid.  Your leads get to Know you by your email and your posts and videos.  They begin to Like you because of the value that you offer to the community.  They begin to Trust you when you help them solve their problems.  When you consistently do this, you will turn your leads into Raving Fans.

Traffic and Lead Generation - Raving Fans
Turn Leads Into Raving Fans

Many people in marketing will tell you, “The money is in the list.”  In reality, however, the money is in your relationship with your list.  You must deliver valuable content to your followers and subscribers.

Traffic and Lead Generation: 3 MORE Tips For Content Creation To Keep ‘Em On Your List:

Re-purpose Content from Webinars and Calls.

If you attend a training webinar or call, make notes, and share them with your followers.  Even when you are new, when you learn something, there are thousands of other people in your business who don’t yet know that thing you just learned.  Even a short post with a list of notes, or a quick 2-3 minute video will help you gain traction in your marketplace.

Curate Content From the Web.

When you curate content from others, always add a link to the original material in your post or video description, even if it’s from several sources.  It’s just good business, and good manners.  There are millions of content marketers, and you can certainly find a few in your niche who have cool things to say that you can curate and share with your readers or viewers.

Industry Events

There is simply no substitute for a live event.  The number of leaders you can meet (and hang out with) while you are there can be astonishing.  Live events change lives and businesses, every year.  A live event last year is what prompted me pursue my own business full-time last year.  In fact, at this event, I learned about traffic, generated my first lead online, and made my first sales just a few days later.  And, I had never done any business online!  After learning from this team, I experienced my first $1k day last week. 

You can be next – you just have to say, “Yes,” to yourself and your business.

Elite Marketing Pro - Matt Crystal, Tim Erway and Ferny Ceballos
The biggest home business summit is coming up in just a few weeks, and you should be there.

No Excuses Summit was co-founded by one of my personal coaches and mentors, Ferny Ceballos.  Ferny is now a partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Elite Marketing Pro, so this year’s No Excuses Summit will be bigger and better than ever. Want more?  Of course you do!  You can come early for a one-day Workshop that will shorten your learning curve by a year (at least).  I will be one of the volunteer coaches at the workshop, and would love to personally help you get your marketing systems in place.  At the end of the day, you will leave with a campaign in place, even if you are brand new.

A group of us that met last year at this event (or as a result of it), are banding together to help our followers.  We are offering a series of Hangouts to help with your “homework” to make sure you are prepared to get the most out of the workshop.  Just interested in the Main Event?  That’s Cool, Too.  The stage will be a Real Who’s Who of the Network Marketing, Home Business, and Internet Marketing niches.  We all do cross-over a little, so we tend to help out one another with tips and strategies.  After all, traffic and lead generation are necessary for every type of business.

There’s just one problem – you can only get tickets for another three days.

That’s right, ticket sales stop on Friday, May 22, 2015.  So you need to jump on this right now.  Click below to learn about No Excuses Summit, and get your tickets.  Then, watch the short video about my No Excuses Summit bonuses – for all those who purchase their ticket from me.

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    1. Thanks, Andrea! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment, and am glad you got value from the tips.

  1. Hi Penny! Got some great tips on utilizing any content I pickup from other sources so I can re-purpose it to my audience. It would be awesome to go to the event but I have SO many vacations planned and marketing trips that I can’t add another one on lol.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jason! NES is one of my core events each year; I learn too much to miss out! Enjoy your trips, and safe travels.

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