You know, it can be so easy to lose your way in the sea of social media noise.

Top Social Media Sites are always changing the rules and guidelines…

It can be hard to keep up.

That’s why it’s good to get back to basics sometimes, especially with your social media strategy.

In my quest to clear out my space and mind (read the post here), I have gone through and updated my social media sites in several platforms.  This was partially prompted by a recent blog update from my friends at WordPress Makeover.  Sort of like when you paint your family room and realize how dingy your furniture looks, so 6 months later you have have an unplanned complete room makeover.  Have you ever done that?

Today’s video is going to walk you through a few things to watch for when you are updating your personal profile and your business (or fan) page.

I will walk you through what to do in some areas, and leave others up to you to let your personality shine through.

Most importantly, try to include the same graphic image or colors in all of your background or header images on the Top Social Media Sites.  This is a big step in building your personal brand.


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Penny Kelley is a wife, mom of two great kids and one spoiled cat, soccer fan, and wine lover who appreciates the internet lifestyle.

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