Has this ever happened to you?

It’s 10pm, the kids are in bed (finally!), and you just realized you never called those 2 prospects, and you really need to check on your social media page to see if there are any messages to return.  But, you are so exhausted, you just fall into bed…it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Then, tomorrow, something else gets in the way.  And, after several months, you think to yourself, “Wow, network marketing just doesn’t work for me. I can’t get any customers or business partners.  I will have to find another way to make extra money.”

Maybe it’s time for a little “tough love” with yourself.  Only if you truly want to make it work, though.

Time Management for Entrepreneurs: How to Build a Successful Business in One Hour a Daytime management for entrepreneurs

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to make your business successful in just one hour per day during the week.  When you can squeeze in one or two extra hours on the weekend, and make it a total of 10 hours every week, you can build a real business in less than a year, and likely earn full-time income in 2 or 3 years, depending on your current job or profession.

For the purposes of this post, I’m only talking about your business time, so I’m not saying prioritize calling a prospect over tending to a sick child, but that should be more important than checking your newsfeed.

Time Management for Entrepreneurs: #1: Daily Personal Development Should Be Outside This Hour

Personal Development is a long-term mission, and something you should devote time to every day.  If you have the time while commuting or exercising, those are both great times to listen audio books or podcasts.  30 minutes to one hour is ideal for your daily personal development, but a minimum of 15 minutes per day will make a difference in just a few weeks.  You will notice a little “pep” in your step and a brighter outlook on your situation.  You may even begin to view others in a more positive way.

Keep at it – personal development for network marketers (or any entrepreneur) is a journey, not a destination.  You should always have a book, audio book, or new podcast waiting to be consumed.

Time Management for Entrepreneurs #2: Set Your Priorities – Make a List

Prioritizing can be a challenge.  Remember, when everything is important, nothing is important enough to get done.  Set your priorities based on the actions most likely to product immediate or future income in your business.  If you want to become a business builder, you have to start thinking like one sooner rather than later.  This part can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but you have to start making some lists if you’re going to succeed.

There are a lot of great apps that make your smartphone work like a personal assistant – pick one and use it.  If you use Google mail and calendar, then you can do a lot with those for free.  There are other free resources as well.  (5 minutes total – with #3)

Time Management for Entrepreneurs #3: Work Your List

After you’ve made a list, trim it down to today, tomorrow, next week.  If it’s not important enough to be on one of these, remove it to a “someday” list that you keep in the back of your notebook or tacked to you bulletin board.  Based on income opportunities, prioritize the “today” items and get busy.  Each daily list should include a goal for exposures to your offer or company video, follow-ups and making new contacts, in addition to emailing current customers or prospects, creating content to share, etc.  Next, let’s talk about the difference in the types of activities you need to do every day. (5 minutes – with #2)

Time Management for Entrepreneurs #4: Personal Branding and Network Expansion Activities

Every day you should post on your social media network of choice. Even better? Share that on other networks.  You can read my post on Vacation Productivity to get some tips for automation tools and apps to help you save time here.  You should also be connecting with new people every day.  With one hour of time, you can connect with 5 new people every day in less than 15 minutes of that hour.  Your posts and shared content will help to grow the “Brand of You,” and start your attraction marketing engine working in your favor.  Over time you will see that people you connected with months earlier start asking questions about your posts and what you do.

I do not recommend posting spam about your company or products – those days are done, every one has seen it, and it is not the right way to grow your business for a long-term health.  Post tips about the benefits of your product or your results.  Make sure you are always truthful in these posts.  It’s important.  (15 minutes)

Time Management for Entrepreneurs #5: Disqualifying, Qualifying and Getting Exposures

Talk to people.  Get to know them.  Invest a little energy into the relationship so they know you really care.  You can look at their profile to see what they like or where they live.  There are so many creeps on social media – show that you aren’t one of them.  This is the root of attraction marketing.  If you want people to be attracted to you, you need to be attractive as a person and potential business partner.  This has nothing to do with your appearance, only with your authenticity and desire to truly connect with others.

Remember, it’s about them (not you).  After you know they have a need, you can invite them to watch your video or presentation.  Maybe they are already in another network marketing or direct sales company, and just need help with leads.  You may have an affiliate product that you recommend for that.  Click Here to see my recommended traffic education resource.  The point here is to qualify or disqualify quickly while still making meaningful connections.  Respect your time and theirs. (15 minutes)

Time Management for Entrepreneurs: #6: Follow-Up

Yes, The Fortune is in the Follow-Up.  It’s been true for ages, and it will be true for ages more.  Most people take 7 or more “touches” to buy, but over 50% of people never make the first follow-up, another 50% don’t make more than one.  Somewhere around 2% of people follow-up more than 5 times.  Be the 2% and you will be a Rock Star in your company!  Follow your company’s system, and use your common sense.  Ask the right questions so you know where they are in their process.  Remember – it’s about them, not you.  (15 minutes)

Time Management for Entrepreneurs #7: Keeping Track with a System

In my new Rapid Business Builder program, I talk about keeping up with your prospects with a system, I call it “Inspect What You Expect.”  It’s an old saying from my days in the wine business regarding surveying your business in the market, originated by the masters of sales systems, E & J Gallo.  The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter if you do the above every day for any length of time, if you aren’t writing down your notes every day when you are done.

Finally, take the final 10 minutes (at the end, or worked in throughout) to make notes on prospects you talked to, when you should follow-up, and what “step” they are on in your process.  You can do this with a spreadsheet, calendar or simple notebook.  Whatever works for you.

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Penny Kelley is a wife, mom of two great kids and one spoiled cat, soccer fan, and wine lover who cherishes the internet lifestyle.

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