If you are new to the online world of marketing, then you may be a bit confused about the importance of “traffic” in your business.  A lot of people talk about traffic and targeted traffic, but there is also a lot of conflicting advice on this important topic.

One guru will tell you to use only free methods, and build a tribe of loyal followers, while another will tell you that paid traffic is the only way to build a business.  Which is right? The truth is they both can be right and wrong.

Targeted Traffic is both a science and an art – you can have the best product or service on the planet, and if you don’t put it in front of the right audience, you won’t have success.

Today’s video starts a 5-part series on the 5 Steps you need to have in your “Traffic Dance” to get more of the right eyeballs on your offers, and turn those viewers into leads, prospects and customers.

The Targeted Traffic 5-Step Dance we will cover include:

  1. Find The Right Audience
  2. Choose An Offer That People Want (Yours Or Someone Else’s)
  3. Get Eyeballs On That Offer
  4. Evaluate Results
  5. Optimize & Repeat

Step 1: Targeted Traffic starts with selecting the right audience.

Imagine you have the BEST tennis balls in the world, and you decide to promote them for more sales.  Would you promote them to golfers?  NO!  You would probably do better if you promoted them to tennis players, right?  Well, that’s a snapshot of marketing in general.  You need to promote the right offer to the right audience.  Without this important step, the other four won’t work.  You’ll be dancing with two left feet for sure, and just creating unnecessary frustration in your life and business.  WITH this step done properly, the other four are much easier.  When you go through the process of market discovery and research before building the rest of the offer, you can actually make sure the offer you are promoting is what will solve the problems of that audience.

At that point, you can choose to create your own offer, or promote someone else’s for a commission, and have them do all the heavy lifting.  (I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing, especially for new marketers trying to learn the ropes.)

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This post is part of a series inspired by a post in the Elite Marketing Pro blog.  You can find the original post here.

Check back for Step 2 – Choosing an Offer That People Want!

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