The Power of Ambition [Review and Video]

Power of Ambition

Did you ever learn that Ambition was a bad thing? I know there have been several times in my life when teachers and bosses have discouraged ambition as a selfish motive. However, I agree with the great Jim Rohn that Ambition is Powerful, and Necessary for Success. The Power of Ambition… In his book (and audio) […]

Overcome Frustration in 3 Easy Steps [Video]

Overcome Frustration

You have a dream. In fact, everyone has a goal they want to achieve. However, a dream becomes reality only with determination and a willingness to stick with it and overcome frustration from time to time. So many people give up hope because the path they’re on seems too hard.  Others feel they just don’t […]

Social Media – 5 Quick Tips for Better Interaction [Video]

Social Media Interaction

In today’s video, I discuss Five easy ways to Improve your Social Media Interaction.   I recently posted a video and article about Social Media Engagement – 5 Easy Tips to Increase Yours, and if you are doing these things, but still feel that you need more help getting people to interact with you, then […]