You have a dream. In fact, everyone has a goal they want to achieve.

However, a dream becomes reality only with determination and a willingness to stick with it and overcome frustration from time to time.

So many people give up hope because the path they’re on seems too hard.  Others feel they just don’t have enough time.  This leads to frustration – my friend Ray Higdon describes frustration as the difference between where you think you should be and where you actually are.

This leads to frustration – which is the difference between where you think you should be and where you actually are.

You can overcome frustration with three easy steps.

Most of us are really busy people these days.  If you are anything like me, you’re running a business (or two) from home, driving around busy kids (my two play travel soccer almost year-round), and keeping up with family and home obligations and errands. And this may all be on top of a full-time “regular” job!

It’s no wonder you get frustrated!  I’ve been there and had to learn how to overcome frustration over and over again.

It’s important to overcome frustration, and win the battle, before you have to overcome anger or resentment.  Learn these 3 simple steps to a happier business (and life) now, so you can leave that frustration behind for good.

So, answer this question for me – Why did you start your home business?  (Or, maybe you are thinking of starting one, and trying to figure out how you can make it work.)

You have a specific goal in mind: you want to help people, and you want to live comfortably. I can help you do that.  The good news?  It’s not hard, and it just takes a little regular practice to get the right habits in place.

You value your time because it’s a precious resource. 

Because we have so little time, a lot of people look for “Get Rich Quick” solutions, but you don’t want a photograph of your dream, do you? No, you want a movie.

So, as hard as it may seem, you need to take a deep breath and commit some time and focused effort to your path. When you choose your path, make sure it is something you love doing and stick with it. Pick something you are really passionate about! You should wake up in the mornings so excited to start your day that you almost forget to eat breakfast.

Here’s the sad truth: most people go broke trying to find quick and easy ways to make cash. They get so frustrated jumping from one thing to another that they don’t realize the constant in the failure equation is them, not the opportunity.  Almost nothing will work and deliver that desired financial and time freedom without focus and work.

Now, you need to overcome frustration and take a leap of faith and jump into your new business with the understanding that you will have to work a little to get results, and put in the time to build the foundation for your “movie” of success.

You have a financial goal, a rank advancement or sales goal, and probably some personal goals.

After you set your goals (short-term (30-90 days), mid-term (6-12 months) and long-term (1-3 years), you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy.

Simply follow the three steps below, while always remembering that your success will come the moment you are focused on helping others, and not serving yourself.  This attitude of servant leadership and abundance alone will help you with

Embrace Your Unique Skill Set.

You can do something better than anyone else. You need to discover what your unique skill or talent is, and use it.

Because no one else will be as good at it as you are.

If you already know how you best engage or fascinate prospects and clients, then get busy!  If you need help identifying your strengths and your fascination skills, then I can recommend two great books to help.  (Did you remember that I’m a reader – I have overcome a lot of frustration with books!)

Most importantly, focus on what you are good at and do well rather than thinking that you need to improve upon any weaknesses.  It’s far easier to find someone to outsource that part of your business than waste hours and days on things that will likely create frustration rather than helping you overcome frustration.  (The two books are at the end of the post.)

Focus, Focus, Focus.

A lot of people just entering this new world of home business ownership get confused about what to do first, and how to set priorities. One of the worst mistakes you can make early on is spreading yourself too thin. You need to try and find something you’re excited and passionate about. If you already have a primary business, then I recommend finding a converting sales system to help you build your brand online.

Any of these systems will tell you to pick one method of traffic or “exposure,” and stick with it until you get consistent results (for at least 90 days), then you can spread your wings.

If you try to do too many things at once, eventually you will forget about something or make avoidable mistakes.  By building your personal brand, people will want to join YOU.

As long as you find something that you love (social media, blogging, making videos, etc.), that passion will come through to your viewers.  You can check out Attraction Marketing, and how I use it, HERE.

Forgive Often, Especially Yourself.

Just like being human makes you unique, it also means you make mistakes. So when you start out, don’t expect perfection. This may seem difficult for a lot of people, but you can’t be afraid to make mistakes because mistakes are how we learn.  You will have bad days, maybe even a week when you feel like you haven’t accomplished much, but keep pushing forward, and taking action.

This may seem difficult for a lot of people, but you can’t be afraid to make mistakes because mistakes are how we learn.  You will have bad days, maybe even a week when you feel like you haven’t accomplished much, but keep pushing forward, and taking action.

By now, you may be thinking some of this is obvious, but everyone can use this reminder from time to time. We all need some encouragement now and then.  Frankly, I have these three things practically tattooed on my office wall.  Many leaders teach similar concepts, but this is how I best remember it, so I thought it may help you as well.


If you want to check out the books that helped me identify my strengths and learn how “the world” sees me, they are below.  Each book comes with a code to take the corresponding online assessment.

When you get them and find out your Top 5 Strengths and your Personality Archetype, send me a message on Facebook or by Email with your results, and I will share mine.

Let’s connect, and get you moving toward success!


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Parts of this post were written by my daughter, Olivia Kelley, and I thank her for her help over the summer break!

Penny Kelley is a professional business coach, wife, mom to 2 great kids and 1 spoiled cat, wine lover and soccer fan.
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