What is it that’s so mysterious about the Sales Offer?  Surely you can see the image in your head when I say, “Make you an offer you can’t refuse.”  Now, I can’t do Brando, especially in a written blog post, but if you’ve seen The Godfather as many times as I have, then you can hear the words.  Of course, Rodney Dangerfield’s version in Caddyshack was pretty good, too! 🙂

What’s the point?

After you identify the perfect audience to target, your sales offer won’t convert unless it’s the right offer in front of the right audience.

You have to offer something they already want.  Maybe something that eases a pain, or solves a problem they have.  It can also be something that moves them closer to a desired result.  Either way, they must already want what you have, even if your marketing is what makes them realize this fact.

Today’s post is all about finding the right sales offer & why it’s important. You have to match the offer to the market and the message, or you won’t make any sales.

In today’s brief video, I will talk a little about some of my partner sales offers, and why I believe affiliate marketing is the perfect choice for new marketers.

Brand new people who are looking for a part-time way to create some income can learn how to drive traffic to offers that already work!  You can also plug into a system, get leads and make sales with offers that are already proven to convert into sales.

For my top converting sales offers, you can check out my primary affiliate partners here:

Elite Marketing Pro: (I’m a VIP Traffic Coach for EMP, and their system is really good for new marketers): https://pennyskelley.com/EMP2

My Own Business Education: Nothing pays like MOBE! Seriously. This affiliate company has paid over $25 million in commissions in just a few years, and it’s growing fast! You can join for a small fee, and then choose the right fit for you based on the amount of education you want, and the level of commissions you wish to earn. I’m a Platinum Partner with MOBE.
Check it out here: http://improfitschool.co/ql9y

Now, the point here is that you want an offer that already converts, so you can follow the leaders and start making sales without having to create products and deal with fulfillment, customer service, shopping carts, merchant accounts, and so on…  This is the beauty of affiliate marketing.  Your only real task is creating that traffic – getting the eyeballs on the offers.  Check back for step 3 on those eyeballs. 😉

I do mention in the video that I also am in a network marketing company that I love. If that is more your speed, then click here to learn more. http://pennykelley.lifevantage.com

After you’ve got a little experience, I strongly recommend having multiple streams of income. This helps you diversify your income so that you aren’t too dependent on any one thing.

Before that point, I strongly suggest that you pick one thing and stick with it until you have 90 days or more of consistent results.

This series was inspired by a post on the Elite Marketing Pro Blog – Read It Here.

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