Do you even know how to get started online?  I sure didn’t when I first got started!  I was looking to create new income streams & found an entire industry…and fell in love!

How about a little history?  You see, I was in a great six-figure job with a top company in my field, still family-owned in a sea of faceless corporations.  Then I realized that I would not ever – yes, ever – make SIGNIFICANTLY more than I was making right then.  I had one kid in high school, and another quickly behind. Then college, and… well, life!  I didn’t want to be “getting by” for another 20 years because I didn’t have the *ahem* nerve  to take a massive risk, and just leave.

I started searching for things like “Money Making Ideas,” and “How To Make Money With A Website.”  I was searching for things to create cash flow and income streams, and found things to change my entire story.

Researching Income Streams: I Found Books!

That’s when I read four books in three months: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrants, The Four Hour Work Week and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  Those four books in less than one corporate fiscal quarter – mind blown.

For the first time is ages I believed I could do something bigger…something more important than spreadsheets and boardroom meetings.

Dammit, I wanted to change my life, and then help other people do the same thing!

As a matter of fact, today’s my corporate divorce-iversary (yep, made that up)!  You know – the day I divorced my corporate roots and started out on this wild and crazy journey to be an entrepreneur and forge my own path?!  Yeah – that one.  Now, there’s more to the story – re-organization and all.  But it’s ancient history – 2 years online is like 2 decades in traditional sales.  At least it certainly feels like I’ve learned that much!

Income Streams for Beginners: Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Make A Great Pair!income streams

I followed the path of many before me.  A friend invited me to learn about a cool product, and I joined the company (still take it every day & love the way I feel!).  Then I found affiliate marketing to learn about lead generation for the new network marketing business.  The two work so great together!  Seriously!

As an affiliate, you have a couple of info products to help teach those network marketers how to generate leads.  Over time, you find a few (or more) who are actually looking for something new to join.  I’ve seen the model work for dozens of people over the last two years!

As a matter of fact, I like it so much that I am now a VIP Traffic Coach for Elite Marketing Pro.  That allows me to help other home business owners learn how to drive traffic and get leads.  It’s so much fun helping new marketers learn about these things.  Affiliate marketing offers a great way for network marketers to make money today while they continue to build their overall business and organizational volume for the future.  This is truly a marriage made in heaven!

Of course, given that crazy corporate background, I needed another challenge.  I truly love my network marketing company (and I’m always looking to add one or two serious leaders and builders to my team).  I also felt a really strong desire to teach others how to make the whole Internet Marketing “thing” work – From Scratch.

That’s where my current journey begins…

Income Streams for Serious Business Owners: How To Make Money With A Website

income streamsNow we’re having fun!  While everyone else is trying to learn how to make extra money or how to make money at home, I want to teach you how to create your own distribution network as a real estate owner!  That little piece of real estate is your website, and the distribution network is comprised of search engines and social media outlets you will use to share your content and grow your business.

Now, I wanted to make this interesting and relevant, so I’m choosing to attach a personal goal to this as well.

Here we go – Bold Claim:

“Over the next 60 days I will lose 20 pounds while teaching you how to create at least 2 streams of income and show exactly how I do it along the way.  In the process, I will generate a minimum of 200 new leads for my business and $2000 in additional income (new sources) for my family.”

So, wanna come play with me?

Watch this blog for updates – 2 or 3 times per week…

Watch my Facebook Page for Live videos, too!  (@CoachingWithPenny)

Lessons on Income Streams: Here’s how it will work

⇒ On this site I will share the income streams, tools and systems I use to create the website, sales funnels, videos, etc.

⇒ On the new site I will share the exact weight loss plan, diet, supplements and exercise I’m doing every day to reach my personal goal of 20 pounds in 60 days.  I figure why wait until January – that’s so boring!

Now, maybe you’re asking “Penny, why weight loss?”  Well now, that’s simple! It’s one of the “big 3” internet marketing niches – Health, Wealth and Dating. Also, it’s personal for me.  I’ve probably gained and lost a whole person in my adult life.  Now I’m ready to apply some of my recent education to the discipline needed to make this a permanent change in lifestyle.  That high-schooler is a SENIOR this year, and her brother is a freshman.  I want to set a better example for them, and do better for myself – that simple!

And the part that’s for you?  Well, there are hundreds of Health and Wellness Network Marketing companies out there, so this is a great funnel to learn how to build.

Hope you’re ready to come along – it’s gonna be a fun ride!

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