Did you ever wonder how network marketing leaders – you know, those guys & gals walking across the stage at your last company event – seemed to have so much of that elusive “time freedom” while you are constantly scheduling meetings and chasing after prospects?

Well, Those Network Marketing Leaders Have A Secret: The Internet

You’re probably saying, “Umm, the internet isn’t really a secret, everyone knows about it.” Yes, but, is your company training you to use it the right way to build your business?

Yeah…didn’t think so. (It’s okay,nearly all of them aren’t…read on…)

Your training likely consists of the old-school belly-to-belly methods, which absolutely still work, but also take a long time to reap rewards for you and your team.

If you have online or social media tools available, they are probably something like a social media website that will post images and links about your products to your personal social media accounts. There are two problems with this method – (1) most people really see this as spam, and (2) if you are promoting a business, you should be doing it on a business page (at least for some SM platforms). It is very important that you actually read those Terms of Use and other guidelines on the Social Media platforms.

So, if you have been posting those links on your profile for a month, or even a year, is that working? Probably not.

Every time I discuss the principles of Attraction Marketing, and even mention the Internet, network marketing leaders warn against using it. They say it will distract from the purpose of your mission – growing a team for your company. They also say that it’s hard, takes too long to learn, and costs too much for most network marketers.

In fact, at every company function or gathering of network marketers, each leader I’ve mentioned this to cannot emphasize enough their dislike of the internet.


This battle between modern Attraction Marketing methods versus Old School methods has been going on for over a decade now, and, honestly, YOU just have to decide which methods work best for YOU.  Personally, I run two businesses from my home, have two kids that play travel soccer, and need a little help from technology to get things done every day. What about you?

You see, in 2005 when Mike Dillard first promoted the concept of Attraction Marketing, he met a lot of resistance from the network marketing community. His answer was to rapidly build a team and “retire” from his job waiting tables in just months.

A couple of years later, my personal coach and mentor, Ferny, wrote Attraction Marketing Formula.  (You may have seen a post I shared on social media about this, if not, you can read it HERE.) Ferny also built a big team, and “retired” from his engineering job (he went to MIT and USC – no slouch), before age 28 by utilizing the exact methods he teaches in the book.

The funny thing is that classic marketers have used the basic concepts of Attraction Marketing for decades. Mike actually mentions other marketers that talked about this years before he did – in interviews and on his podcast (Self Made Man, iTunes). For years copywriters and classic marketers have used the concept of Attraction Marketing to “draw in” prospects and customers. They write their words a certain way.  They craft their story to pull your attention toward them and their products.  They are attracting you to their offers. Why? These offers likely solve a problem you are having in your life or your business. Think of Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk. They built strong personal brands while helping others solve problems.

In the end, that’s what it’s all about…solving problems.

Why did you join your Network Marketing company?

You’re probably thinking it was either the opportunity to earn income or you really loved the products (or both). More likely, it was the person who presented the opportunity to you. You joined the person, and the company just happened to be the method used to join that person.

Then you started the training, and saw the possibilities for the future. How many times in your life have you had to work more than one job to make ends meet? Wouldn’t a solution where that would no longer be necessary attract you? What if you could work for a few years, and make sure your kids wouldn’t have to do that? What would that be worth to you? Now what if you could offer this same solution to your closest friends and family members? What if you didn’t have to worry about paying your bills in retirement (or greeting people at a discount store)?

See how this works?

Network Marketing Leaders know it’s about Personal Branding.

Here’s a twist. If you’re like me, and come from a traditional business background, then your friends and family may think you have completely lost it when you share this with them. (Yes, I actually had “colleagues” laugh at me.)  Therefore, you may need to expand your list of contacts if you are going to make this work. You have the vision, and can “see” the future that awaits you and your family. You desperately want to take some friends and family on this fantastic journey with you.

See if this sounds familiar… You share the opportunity with someone close to you, and they either (1) smell desperation and run, or (2) think you’ve lost your marbles and are being scammed. They’re programmed to think this way, it’s not their fault. However, you don’t have the luxury of waiting around until they can see your vision of the future. You need to move on to people who “get it.”

Most Network Marketing Leaders warn that Social Network Marketers or Online Network Marketers aren’t real Network Marketers.

They claim these marketers know the lingo, but really make money off the products they sell you, not their “primary” company. (There is a little truth to this, but it’s not bad or misleading, it’s only problem solving, and that’s another post.) What about Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Rachel Jackson and Gary Gomez? They are all incredibly successful, they all use modern methods, and each has built a Powerful Personal Brand.

Many of today’s Network Marketing Leaders learned these methods from those Attraction Marketing pioneers. Here’s a picture from a recent event with quite a Mastermind – it’s not often that you get Ferny Ceballos, Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, Matt Crystal and Ramiro Ceballos all in one room talking to aspiring entrepreneurs about how to build their personal brand to grow their business.

Ferny Ceballos, Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, Matt Crystal and Ramiro Ceballos

So, why are other Network Marketing Leaders dedicated to denouncing the internet as a means to grow your business. “It won’t work.” “You can’t find good leads online.”

When…now…wait for it… Most of them are already using the internet for their own teams. They are teaching you to do it the old school, belly-to-belly way, while they are funneling in leads and sign-ups with videos, blog posts, and webinars.

Why are they keeping these “secret” methods to themselves? Well, frankly, there’s a perception (incorrect) of this giant learning curve, and those leaders want you out recruiting instead of investing the time learning how to do it the modern way. The truth is you can learn the basics, and get up and running, in a weekend.

By using Attraction Marketing and Branding Yourself, you will still have a personal relationship with everyone who is interested and wants to join, but you don’t have to have a personal conversation or hour-long meeting with every single lead. Your time is your greatest asset, and the most limited. You can choose to spend your valuable time with those who are most interested in what you have to say.

Now, back to your original problem.

You joined a company, and find yourself struggling make it work, you recruited one or two people, or maybe none. Now what? You can’t keep spending money on your auto-ship every month if you don’t find some people who will say “yes.”

Even worse? Now you find that people sense your desperation to make it work, and run even faster than before. You see, it’s human nature to run from things (or people) who chase you. However, if you can learn a few simple strategies to attract those prospects most likely to be interested instead of “all” of your friends and their friends, or “everyone” on the internet, wouldn’t that work better for you?

In the end, it’s your choice – you can dedicate 15 or more hours a week (after your regular job), attend endless meetings, and you can have a team in two to four years and eventually replace the income from your day job.

But, what if you could cut that time in half (or less)?  Surely the Network Marketing Leaders want to help you succeed faster, right?

You can still learn the traditional methods for talking to your cousin, your neighbor, and the clerk at your local big box store. Just like your Network Marketing Leaders have trained you to do… You can also generate leads online every single day with Attraction Marketing. This way you can literally build your business 24/7/365. You can help others solve their problems by simply sharing the methods you learn. When you get our 5 Day Attraction Marketing Video Boot Camp, you will learn the basic principles of Attraction Marketing. You will see how to build your own powerful personal brand, and use that brand to build your business.

Even better? You can set up 90% of what you need for less than you probably spent on coffee last month! Sure, if you want to learn a complete system, run a lot of ads and grow at rocket speed, you can invest more, but you can also do this on a very realistic budget.

I have helped train others on these principles, and I know they work. You can read the e-book in a couple of hours, and start getting results in just a few days.

Now you have a choice, keep doing what you’re doing now, and take your time reaching those freedom goals, or Get our 5 Day Attraction Marketing Video Boot Camp to move faster, starting now.

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Penny Kelley is a goal-oriented coach and trainer, and former corporate executive.  She has trained hundreds of reps over the last two decades.
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  1. WOW Penny what an awesome post. You made it very clear that even the old school network marketers all today are using the internet to grow their brands and businesses. So that’s the way to build a global business today!


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