I’m asked this question all the time! “How do I get more of my prospects to say yes to my offers?”

While it can be presented very simply, it’s not always simple in the “doing.”

There is ONE skill that will help get more prospects to say YES than any other…

What is it, you ask?


Now, I’m NOT talking about the way you sit in your chair at the computer (although that is very important).

get prospects to say yes

I am talking about the way you “SHARE” your opportunity or products with someone.

Tell me, were you taught to “share” instead of sell?  What about, “you’re the messenger, not the message.”  Is that one familiar?

They are very true – AND you MUST have the correct POSTURE when you are presenting this message or pointing someone to a tool if you want to get results.

Think about it.  Are you more likely to say “yes” to a salesperson behind a retail counter that looks exhausted and irritated – maybe even intimidated by you – OR – by the salesperson who stands tall and confident and smiles as you approach?

Of course, it’s the second one, right?

Maybe you’re thinking, “great, I get it – if I want to get more prospects to say yes, then I need posture, but how do I get it?”

I asked the same question a few years ago when I was first getting started in my home business.

How To Have Posture To Get More Prospects To Say Yes

First, just don’t over-complicate this.  So many people get started in the home business space (network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales, shopping clubs, etc.) and think they need to become an expert on their company, their products, and the network marketing or direct response profession.

get prospects to say yes

That’s simply NOT TRUE!  You only need to learn how to send someone to a tool that works (video, lead magnet, etc.).  Then you can either answer their questions or connect them to someone who can.  Lastly, you should probably know how to sign them up so you can start getting paid!  That’s it!  Simple, right?

Next, it’s the question of, “will this work for me?”


So many people don’t realize that it’s absolutely not necessary to have a ton of personal success to have POSTURE with your prospects.  I’ll bet the person you signed up with may have told you a story about someone else in the organization – his buddy, the girl she knows from yoga, a neighbor…maybe even a LEADER in the company who lives somewhere else and just has a great story.

That works just as well.  Leaders tell their stories to help you build your business.  Yes, it’s important to craft your own story so you can use it in your process, but you don’t need to have all of that perfect to get started!  You just have to start where you are.

If you want to get more prospects to say yes, you will also have to…

Meet them where they are.  You don’t get prospects to say yes by starting a conversation in the middle.  You have to meet them where they are!

get prospects to say yes


This can be a great divide – they may not know what residual income is, or they may be a 10-year veteran of home business.


Those are two VERY different conversations, my friend!

The veteran wants to know about a couple of anchor products, the comp(ensation) plan and the upline leadership opportunities. (Oh, yeah, and is there a car/trip or other incentive program?)

The newbie needs to understand what residual income is and how team-building can become business-building.

Definitely, use your tools for that – or practice a quick 2-3 minute explanation with pen and paper – those still work great, too!

Here’s a quick Facebook Live I did about this very topic…


The bottom line is that you must have POSTURE throughout these steps.

Posture comes from practice.  Practice in the mirror, in the shower, in the car, on the train.  (Come on, who cares if the other commuters think you’re crazy?!)

Practice, practice, practice.

Use your tools – you are the messenger, not the message.

You don’t have to know the answer to every question, just make sure you have a tool or upline member who can help out when needed.

So, the bottom line is… If you want to get more prospects to say YES, then you need POSTURE!

To learn more about building an authority status in your niche, having an endless stream of prospects coming to you, and knowing how to develop the right posture, check out this Free Online Recruiting Bootcamp.  You’ll learn more about how to build a powerful business in 10 days than most home business owners learn in their first year.  Guaranteed – and it’s free 🙂


get more prospects to say yes


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