Facebook Boosted Posts can offer you a boost in your business with just a few simple clicks.

Do you ever notice those “normal” posts in your news feed that say they are sponsored.  Well, these are ads that are targeted to to an interest you share with others in the Facebook community.

I know what you’re thinking!  “I don’t even know where to start!”

Well, it’s true, navigating Facebook Ads can be daunting when you are just starting out – so many options and categories available to narrow down your audience.  However,

Facebook Boosted Posts are easy to use, and can help you grow your brand & boost sales!

Whether you’ve used this godfather of social media platforms for years or days, you can likely see the power of Facebook for your business.

When you are new to the platform, you should read the rules to stay in compliance.  This link will take you to all the policies for pages and ads.  I also recommend checking those every month or so for changes and updates.  Ad accounts can be disabled without warning when you do not follow the policies.  These are almost never reversed.  I’m not saying this to frighten anyone away from advertising – it’s a great platform for fun and business.  I’m only advising that you read the rules BEFORE you run ads, so you can do it the right way.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s chat about just how cool these Facebook Boosted Posts are for your business.  You can put a blog post link on your Facebook Page (Fan Page or Business Page), and “Boost” that post so it reaches more of your targeted audience.  Whether you want to reach more fans of your page or a target audience based on interests or behaviors, it’s as simple as clicking a few buttons, and you’re in business!

Check out today’s video where I show you a Case Study of one of my ads that promoted a post on my blog.  The original post is here.  I posted this article in early July, and ran Facebook Boosted Post ads on and off through July and August.  This resulted in over $700 in profit and a Return On Investment of over 235%!!  Seriously.  It also resulted in 60 leads for my business.  I’m sure that some of them have bought something since that time, so the earnings are actually higher than the Case Study reveals.

Now, I have friends and colleagues that run these Facebook  Boosted Post ads all the time, and consistently get over 500% ROI after testing and scaling their ad budget based on results.  As with anything, it’s all about testing.  You have to run an ad, test it, split test it, then test again, and then you may be able to scale up.  That’s just the way marketing works.  You always keep testing and tweaking.

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