Exposure is an important step in your Traffic Dance – it can actually make or break your lead generation and sales process.

When you have developed a great offer, or licensed one from someone else, you need to get exposure for that offer.  Today’s post and video discuss a few important tips to help you get the right exposure for that offer.

Think for a moment – if you are leaving a sports field in the summer – hot and thirsty – are you looking for something cool and refreshing or something like coffee or hot cocoa?  Probably something cool, right?

For a successful Traffic Dance, your target audience has to be approached the same way.  They have a specific problem, or set of problems, that need to be resolved.  If your solution will resolve their issue, then you need to find a way to help them find this solution.  That’s your traffic exposure!  You simply expose the right set of people to your offer – they see that you can help them solve their problem, and you both “win” – sound easy enough, yes?

Well, we humans can over-complicate things, so remember, it really is this simple.

Think of this: you have licensed an offer that will help home business owners find leads.  Will you expose your offer to all business owners, all entrepreneurs, or just home business owners?  Well, you can do option 1 or 2, but you may not be happy with the results.  If you target #3 – just home business owners, then your traffic dance exposure is very targeted, and you will get much better results!  Those other business owners and entrepreneurs may not be interested in the home business niche, and may not be able to see how lead generation in many business fields can be similar, so you wouldn’t get engagement from them.  However, your “traffic dance” with the home business owners will lead to considerably higher engagement, and will likely produce a “Win-Win” situation where you help them find leads, and make some sales of your affiliate offer.

Check out the Exposure: 5-Step Traffic Dance To Explode Your Business Video for another example:

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This series was based on a post from the Elite Marketing Pro blog, you can Read It Here.

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