What Is An Email Autoresponder, And How Will It Help Your Business?

This brief video will explain what an Email Autoresponder does & why you need one to market online – even if you are simply working on building a network marketing team. Utilizing an Email Autoresponder can save you a great deal of time, and help you remain consistent in your message to any specific group of people whose email addresses you collect as a list.

If you market with an ad promising a free report or video training on a specific topic, you can create a list for the topic. With this list you can continue to communicate specifically on the value you offer and the topic of interest that brought subscribers to that list.  Follow-up of three – fourteen days on a particular topic, included with general information on you and your value, is the recommended range.

When you set up a list for a specific target audience, you can load a series of follow-up messages for that group, and set the timing for sending these emails out.  You can send one every day for a few days, or skip a day in between if you send a lot of information to digest during one of the days.  When your follow-up series is complete, you can send Broadcast messages that you enter and set to send on a calendar date and time of your choice during the set-up.  You can choose to send the Broadcast email to just that “list” of people, or include additional “lists” within your account.

Utilizing the Email Autoresponder allows you to communicate with each new subscriber one-on-one from a series of emails that you only have to set up once.  This saves a great deal of your most valuable resource: time.  You can test different approaches from more direct to very subtle, and see which works best for your target market.  For example, if you are communicating with a group of outdoors-men on hunting and fishing tips, your message and approach will be different than if you are communicating with a group of women interested in younger-looking skin.  The tips and value these two groups is also very different.  Remember, your goal is to deliver them the value they are seeking, not what you want – what they want.

One tactical tip for Marketers: lead with the value you can offer to the prospect in the way of training and tools, not with a business opportunity.  Opportunities should only be presented on the back-end after they have come to know, like and trust you through your communication, and consistent delivery of value to them.  Even then, it should be very subtle in the presentation.  You are gathering these prospects first to help them get better at their craft, and to learn something that you have learned along the way.  Think you don’t know enough to share?  Well, if you’ve read this article, and watched the video, you know more about Email Autoresponders that a lot of your friends or team members do!  Each time you learn something new, you should share it, and add value to those that are following you, or looking to you for training as their leader.

In the video I also discuss a few of the available Email Autoresponders.  I use Aweber, which is very easy to use for “newbies,” I and take you through an “over the shoulder” view of setting up your account, first list and first follow-up email in Aweber.

In conclusion, using an Email Autoresponder can improve your relationship with subscribers much faster than manual communication. You can communicate consistently, and with the same message to all subscribers, no matter when they join, or what time zone they are in.  You can also use this tool to test and tweak your message to market over time, and make adjustments to get your business the best results possible.  The desired end result is sales to the right prospects, but you have to deliver value without expectation to everyone who asks, and allow those that need your guidance to come to you as they are ready.

With an Email Autoresponder, you can take a few days to introduce yourself and your business to new subscribers while still delivering them great value and content.  Then you can continue to send value and useful information to your audience, or list, over time, to solidify the relationship and increase their trust in you as a leader.

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Aweber also offers great videos and set-up help here: https://www.aweber.com/users/help.

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