Today’s post & audio discuss business building with the heart of a champion.

I spent the last week in another state with my daughter’s soccer team.  They won our State Tournament and earned the right to participate in the Regional Tournament.

This spurred some thoughts about the similarities between sports and business building.

Business Building can be a lot more fun if you approach it like a Team Sport!

I’ve watched these girls transform over the last year – from a mismatched group to a well-oiled machine playing “as a team” on the field.  While watching them develop, I noticed some common characteristics with my business.  Specifically, there were three traits that these girls embodied which I also find very important for business building & home business success.

#1: Business Building – Burning Desire

I know this one is discussed a lot – ever since Napoleon Hill wrote it in his famous “Think and Grow Rich” book.  It rings just as true today!  You must have a true burning desire for your end result, outcome, vision, future you…sales…championship title.  Whatever your goal, you have to really want it more than you want to sleep in, or watch television on the sofa, or NOT pick up that phone to call your prospects.  This is a big part of the “start with the end in mind” process that many coaches teach.

Your burning desire of the end-game is what you think about first thing in the morning and just before sleep.  It should always be there – tapping you on the shoulder – reminding you it’s waiting for your actions to bring it forward  (see #2).  If your desire isn’t internal (this is not your WHY), and strong to your core, then you may not have fully identified it yet.  Think of it like this….  Your Why is nearly always external – your family, a new home, etc.  While your Vision is internal – who YOU want to be when you achieve the Why.  This Burning Desire drives You to become the person you want to be when you achieve the goal of the Why.

As for the soccer team, they had their eyes on this goal all year, even when no one gave them much thought as a “contender.”  They worked hard, and earned every bit of their success.

If you want to be a leader, rank advance and build a team of leaders, then the build your business with heart – make sure your team knows you want each of them to be a champion, too!

#2: Business Building – Willingness

Your Will, or Willingness, is what will make you get out of bed 30 minutes early, stay up an hour late, make one more phone call, shoot that FIRST video – whatever the case may be.  This is where your Burning Desire takes the form of Action!  Business Building takes a lot of Action to get results – you have to tap into your reserves on a regular basis.

Willingness can be a funny thing.  We THINK we want something MORE THAN AIR.  Then, we just don’t take the necessary actions to bring forth the results we desire.  It is puzzling, isn’t it?  We can be completely certain that we want this outcome, but still NOT do the things we KNOW will bring about the desired result.  Solution? See #1.  If your Burning Desire is strong enough, you will be inspired to take those actions.

Champion Athletes train in all kinds of foul conditions.  They sacrifice social time and family time to improve their race times, or work on their foot skills.  It is precisely their Willingness to do what other won’t that allows them to achieve the results others don’t.

Business Building with the Heart of a Champion requires great Willingness.  You must be willing to help others succeed. You must be willing to do things for your business when you would rather be having fun.  Your Willingness is immediately identifiable as your commitment to following through on the necessary actions for your home business success.  Create that content, make those phone calls, take one more step outside your comfort zone!

#3: Business Building – Dedication

Dedication of purpose is where Consistency lives.  Period.  Dedication is that nagging whisper that will NOT let you go to bed until that last email is sent. This is the voice in your head that says, “It’s Tuesday, have you published a blog post?”  Or maybe it says, “It’s Sunday evening, aren’t you going to dial in for your team calls?”  You know that voice right?  If not, you may be in the wrong company, or you may need to circle back to #1 and check the Burning Desire to achieve your Vision.

For my student athletes, it means that whether they have no homework, or a semester exam and 2 papers due tomorrow, they will be at training tonight.  It also means that they know the grades must be in order to participate in sports, so they sacrifice a lot of social opportunities for school and sport.

The Dedication required for Business Building means you take action for your business every day…no matter what.  When life gets in the way, it’s your dedication that compels you to still take action for your business.

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