“Warm Market” is probably something you learned early on when you started your home business.

You know, you sat through a meeting about products that literally changed people’s lives. Then you got all pie-eyed at the prospect of earning more money in a month than you earned last year. Of course, you signed up right away! Then the real fun started.  You sat with someone who told you to write down a list of 200 people you know.  Maybe they even sat with you while you started calling your friends and family to share this amazing opportunity with them…  This was your “warm market.”

Sound familiar?

To millions of network marketers and direct sales reps, it does.  Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s the part that was so hard for me. For 20 years in the wine business, you kind of needed a liquor license for me to present any products to you. So, I was used to a list of potential customers, or leads, that were pre-qualified for my products.  This was very different.  People do buy based on relationships, and we always taught reps to build rapport and relationships with their customers.  However, we weren’t pitching wine to our neighbors.

“Everyone is your prospect.”

“Three-foot rule.”

These are the things that I simply couldn’t wrap my head around.  I needed different sales strategies for my home business.

That’s when I made the break, and chose Attraction Marketing to build by home business.  I read an eBook called Attraction Marketing Formula, and learned how to advertise on the internet to find prospects.  (You can get the Free 10-Day Online Recruiting Boot Camp HERE.)

These days Facebook is a great way for new online marketers to use paid advertising to get website traffic and leads for their business.

But a word of caution for your Warm Market building,  not all leads are created equal.

In marketing – your entire market is referred to by its “temperature” – cold, warm or hot.  Cold market is someone that has no idea who you are or what you offer.  Warm market knows you and/or your product.  Hot Market is already a customer, or at least knows you well.  Most advertising platforms, including Facebook, refer to your market, or market groups, as Audiences.

This turns our focus to building audiences that are targeted.  Kind of like those pre-qualified leads from traditional sales.  For your home business, this could mean either people who have an interest in the types of products your represent, or other home business owners who are interested in the training you offer.

If you want to build Audiences that are a Warm Market for you, then you start with good content.  This can be written blog posts, videos that share valuable tips, or even content that other people create, and you share because it’s valuable.

Now, here’s the important part –

There are Three Warm Markets you can build with Facebook advertising, and it’s pretty simple to do.

Warm Market #1: Your Business Page “Fans” Audience

These are people that have raised their hands and “liked” your page.  Share regular content with them to keep them engaged – keep your content RELEVANT to your audience, and they will want to engage with you.  Remember, this a “pay to play” environment – boost some posts to make sure your fans see them in their news feed.  Without boosting posts, you can expect few fans to see a post. (See this Forbes article on Facebook changes in 2016.)  There are ways to improve your organic reach, but that’s another post…  For now, your Business Page “Fans” are simply one warm market you can engage and build a relationship with on Facebook.

Warm Market #2: Video Views Audience

Did you know that every time you upload a video to Facebook, you are building your warm market?  Upload that video, and give it a little boost, and watch those views increase.  Get over 1,000 views, and you can start building an additional warm market for your business.  Video Viewers are tracked in Facebook, and you can target them with relevant content and ads.  Remember, RELEVANCE is they key in this process.  They won’t stay warm for long – or ever become Hot – unless you keep your content relevant to their needs.

Here is an audio from a recent Daily Dose of Awesome call I did for the Elite Marketing Pro community on these audiences.  Check it out.  (While they are for the EMP community, we invite you to listen – Daily M-F at 12 Noon Eastern- Just Dial In To (712) 775-7035, and Enter Code 862645#.)

Warm Market #3: Retargeting (or Remarketing) Audience

Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon or another site, and had it follow you around the internet for a few days?  Well, that’s retargeting (or remarketing).  You can build retargeting audiences in several ways – people who visit any page on your site, a specific page or post (for relevant content retargeting), or those who visited one page, but not another.  I use all of these.  The easiest to get in place is the “any page” on your website or blog.  You simply add the Facebook Pixel to your site.  (You can do this in your Blog Theme Modules or with a WordPress Plugin.)  Every time you share content from your blog or website, when someone visits the site, the pixel on the page will include them in your “Site Visitors” custom audience.

For me, the most powerful of these is the third one – target people who have visited one page, but not another.  The other two are excellent for content targeting, but this last one is incredibly powerful for monetizing your business.  You can simply target people who visited your capture page or sales page, and then exclude those who saw your “thank you” or “confirmation” page by either opting in for more information or making a purchase.  This way you are specifically targeting people who showed a strong interest, but didn’t complete the transaction.

There can be a ton of reasons for this – the baby started crying, it was time for lunch, the phone rang… You get it.  Now you simply give them the opportunity to complete that process.  You can present the same offer again, or target them with additional content and training to continue to “warm” them up to your business.

The video below shows exactly how to set up this type of Custom Audience in Facebook Ads Manager.

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This post is my own opinion, and is in no way owned by, representative of, or associated with Facebook.

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