Would You Like More Effective Video Marketing?

Today’s post gives you 5 Video Marketing Tips.

#1: Content is King (See recent blog post HERE), and videos are content…. You get the idea. Videos are definitely one of the forms of content that you should be using regularly in your strategy for social marketing.  For the best content marketing strategy, you should have a mix of content.  Utilize traditional blog posts with an article and image, use video, use infographics when they make sense.  Look around and pay attention to what others are doing, especially leaders in your niche.  Model the trends that are working and converting for successful businesses.

#2: Engage the Audience. Ever wonder how to market your business more effectively? Videos can help with that. Video Marketing is a great way to get more connected to your prospects, fans and followers. Engaging the audience builds your “know, like and trust”factors faster. People watch your videos, and begin to feel like they know you on a more personal level. This is a good thing.  Using Video Marketing to further engage your audience with comments and feedback will help you grow your business even faster.

#3 Ask a Question. With PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising being so popular, and videos performing so well on social media, people begin to ignore them. However, when you start with a question, you immediately grab their attention. The brain just doesn’t like an unanswered question. This is simply a video marketing strategy that works to promote your business.  When people are scrolling away, and stopped by a question, they naturally want to form the answer in their mind.  This grabs attention just long enough to engage them with your content (see #2).

#4 Give Tips – Always give value to your audience. What we receive is in direct proportion to the value we give the market. Don’t just make a video, ask a question, give one answer, and promote your product or deal. With Video Marketing, or any marketing strategy, you must truly give value,and valuable tips, to those reading your post. When you just put out a video with the features of your product or service, you aren’t serving your audience.  They want to hear about the benefits – not what it does, but what it will do for them…how it will help them.  Put this into action, and your business will reap the rewards in the long run.

#5 Call To Action. If you want sustainable, long-term growth in your business, you must condition your followers and readers to take action – some kind of action. Marketing tips are great, but if you want viral marketing, or even slightly contagious marketing, then a call-to-action is absolutely necessary. This can be as simple as “click to read more,” “click to see the post,” “click for a free download,” or “enter your email for more info,” when you are really using your internet marketing strategies to build a business.  SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS 🙂  There are easy social share links at the top & on the left side.

By collecting a list of leads, you can begin to communicate with your prospects, and through a series of “touches” with email or posts, you can build a relationship with them. In time, this will grow your business.

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  1. Videos are my next step… and it’s time to take it… these tips will be invaluable when the times comes… oh yeah it’s now…. Thanks Penny for sharing…

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