Are you at the end of your rope with friends, family and your “warm” market?

It doesn’t take long in the Home Business industry for new entrepreneurs to start feeling frustrated with your new choice, and begin to wonder if they can really “make this work.”

Well, you can definitely make it work!  Millions have done so before you, and hundreds or thousands have probably done so in your very company!  So, what’s the little secret sauce that so many leaders don’t like to talk about?

Social Networking for Success

When you implement just a few Social Networking Success habits in your daily routine, you can change the landscape of your business rapidly.  The video below gives you my top three tips for quick results in your business.  Implementation of just one of these may make a difference in your business, but all three can really take you and your home business to the “next level.”

Social Networking Success depends to a large degree on taking consistent action in your business.  This can be tough when you are first getting started.  You may only be working your business part-time, and just have an hour or two per day to devote to growing your home business.

It’s important that you focus on the process of lead generation and follow-up over a period of time.  This will take a little time to develop, but it will pay off if you stick with it.

Social Networking is a great way to build a list of highly targeted leads for your business, and it isn’t a difficult process.  You just have to be yourself and make meaningful contacts with people on social networks.  These strategies work equally well on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (and others).  Interact with people who are looking for what you have to offer, and listen to what they say.

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Listening is a Key Component of Social Networking Success.

Although your communication may be typed, you still must listen.  Remember that you are still marketing, and when you are looking for prospects, it’s all about them…solving their problems, and helping them get what they want –  in business or life.  Take the time to pay attention to their messages or replies.  Take a look at their profile, and engage in conversation that is relevant to them.  If they posted pictures from a recent family vacation that took place in an area you know well, or have visited yourself, ask about it, and let the conversation develop naturally.

Avoid Pitfalls That Will Prevent Social Networking Success.

It’s so tempting, especially when you are just starting out, to just “spam” your links to people that look interesting to you or look like they would be “good” at network marketing or direct sales.  Above all else, don’t do it!  First, it’s spam, and it’s a good way to get blocked, and even get your account shut down on some networks.  Don’t even have one good exchange, and then just send a link to someone.  Get their permission to send them any information on your product, company or opportunity.  Period.  Permission marketing still needs permission.

Now for the 3 Tips for Social Networking Success

Do these every day, and you will watch your business blossom into a thriving home business for years to come.

Watch the video for the tips, then share, like or leave a comment below.

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Penny Kelley is a wife, mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat, soccer fan and wine lover.  She enjoys helping home business entrepreneurs get their business started or moving in the right direction.  Contact Penny HERE.

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