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When I started building this blog, and posting training and information on social media, I was determined to keep my training and posts directed at the home business and solopreneur niche, not just my company, or related companies.  90% of the training you find here will not promote a specific company or opportunity within network marketing.  When I do post about my company, I will be very up-front about that, early in the post or video. I have become friends with some amazing network marketers and online marketers, from many different companies.  We all help one another -- it's a great community! I do promote certain affiliate marketing programs and marketing systems to help you develop Multiple Streams Of Income - sometimes your prospects already have a company that they love. If you are interested in getting more info on one of the products or system on my site, please click on those links, or contact me using the email and phone info on my Contact Page.

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There are a couple of ways...but let's see if we're a fit first!

Ferny Ceballos, Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, Matt Crystal, and Ramiro Ceballos
Ramiro Ceballos, Matt Crystal, Tim Erway, Mike Dillard, and Ferny Ceballos, (Las Vegas, June 2015)

If you read my story on the About Penny page, then you know I come from a long corporate background. Then I found Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, and  I learned about developing multiple streams of income, and started building the vision of my family's future. Someone believed in me, and gave me a chance, and now I want to share what I've learned and help develop leaders in our industry, so that we can all become stronger. If you are looking to start your own home-based business and want to be on a team of people running toward success and prosperity, then click on the button below, let's get to know one another better, and see if you are a fit for my team. We Build Leaders.  Does that sound better than working into your 60's or 70's (or longer) - just to reach retirement age, and NOT be in the position to enjoy it?  Even worse, put all your energy and loyalty into a company that no longer needs your services without warning.  Corporate layoffs happen every month. Love your job?  I've got several friends in the same position - they love the part-time networking to keep growing that residual income while they are still enjoying their traditional career.
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