How to Clear Your Mind For Success

how to clear your mind for success

Ahh,..that first fall morning when there is a slight crispness in the air!  I just love that feeling! It is Mother Nature telling us that the seasons and cycles of the earth are working properly, and the long, hot days of summer are giving way to the cooler days of fall and harvest.  This is when…

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The Power of Ambition [Review and Video]

Power of Ambition

Did you ever learn that Ambition was a bad thing? I know there have been several times in my life when teachers and bosses have discouraged ambition as a selfish motive. However, I agree with the great Jim Rohn that Ambition is Powerful, and Necessary for Success. The Power of Ambition… In his book (and audio)…

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How To Program Your Network Marketing Success [Video]

Network Marketing Success

I can hear you now… That’s Just Crazy!  I’m Not A Computer, I Can’t Be Programmed. Ahh, my little Padawan, you can – and you MUST – program yourself (or maybe re-program yourself), if you are to learn how to be successful in network marketing. Let’s back up a bit, and get some perspective… Maybe…

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