Books Worth Reading

This first set of books includes understanding the mindset required to be an entrepreneur.  You must know that you will have to work at it, and that you should always lead with the idea of using your skills, talents and products to help others.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of great books about mindset and preparing yourself to give and receive the abundance that life carries.  I can tell you that reading each of these books changed my life.
Now for a group on the Network Marketing and Direct  Sales Business.  So many people think they can enter this arena as a "hobby," but make "business" money.  It works as a part-time (hobby) or full-time endeavor, but your rewards are directly proportionate to your efforts.  If part-time is all you have, then go for it.  However, enter with the knowledge that it will take longer than 1 or 2 years to build a substantial organization if you are only working a few hours a week. Whether you build fast or slow, with Network Marketing you will reap the rewards of residual income in the future!
I will add to this page, and may even change these books out from time to time, as I find things I believe will help you on your journey to Creating Your Future.